Promotion MDK-ARM

To all KEIL’s MDK-Basic users

MDK-Basic since 2012 has been discontinued and replaced with better matched to today requirements package MDK-Cortex, currently MDK-Essential.

We would like to inform that with the end of Q2/2017 the possibility to upgrade Basic version to currently available packages will be closed and the full price has to be paid. Now we have a special offer for the customer  to upgrade the outdated version of MDK-Basic to a current MDK edition (including one year of support and maintenance) that saves 1280 EUR.

Upgrade toOptionPrice EUR
Floating FLEX2730
Floating FLEX5610
Floating FLEX8630

MDK Version 5 now includes the following features that were not available by the time of MDK-Basic:

  • ARM Compiler which gives the best performance for ARM-based microcontrollers
  • Support for all ARM Cortex-M cores, such as Cortex-M7, Cortex-M23, and Cortex-M33
  • Device support is added using device family packs that remove the necessity to wait for a toolchain upgrade when selecting a new device family. Also, you can add software components easily to your projects.

For a detailed comparison, please review all MDK-Editions at: