Research we see as a key to competitive on global market economy and products. In this area our offer is relatively limited because we are mainly focused on electronic industry it means we support stricte engineering activities. Anyway, today there is no science and research without electronics. So our development tools and laboratory equipment can be useful in engineering within scientific programs.

We recommend products of our partners:

Advanced in-circuit debuggers and emulators for a wide spectrum of microcontrollers. They allow to debug application software in real environment of target system, as well as to analyze and optimize code.

CAD software for PCB design integrated with simulators of popular microcontrollers and other electronic components. It allows to test on simulator the whole circuit - before target hardware will be available.

Universal manual single- and multi-socket device programmers that bring in fast programming facilities of high capacity flash memories and micros. Both solutions - off-line and in-system, are available.