Software & Debuggers for μC

WG Electronics founders, since the end of the 70s, were engaged in design of software and hardware tools supporting electronic equipment development, especially supporting microcontroller based system development. On establishing company at the beginning of the 90s, the attained experience assumed a commercial form of production and selling OEM products as well as distribution of worldwide known brands. This subject for already over 25 years was always a strength of our company and till todayWG Electronics is identified with it.

In the area of software & hardware tools for microprocessor based system development and debugging, today mainly for embedded systems based on most innovative and most popular ARM microcontrollers, we are authorized distributor of:

Because our strategic partner in presented field is ARM, we always guarantee support with a right tools of the newest microcontrollers appearing just now on the market. We offer user friendly IDE( Integrated Development Enviroment) with the best in class optimizing C/C++ compiler, simulator and in-circuit debugger. Advanced code analizys and optimizing tools supplement the product. We also support code certification for sensitive applications as automotive, military, aviation, railway transport, medical, …

Taking into consideration supported devices we offer:


We supplement our portfolio with the products of others. So, even if there is no expected information on our web, do not hesitate to contact us when you are looking for the tools. We should be able to suggest you the right solution for your requirements.