µISP Programmers
Authorized Distributor

Based on the WriteNow! Technology, the μISP Series of In-System Programmers are professional programming instruments dedicated to the programming and testing of devices. μISP can either work connected to a host PC (RS-232, USB, LAN connections are built-in) or in standalone mode.

The programming cycle execution in standalone mode may occur by simply pressing the START button or through some TTL control lines.

Its compact size and versatility allows a simple integration into production environments, manual and automatic processes. It’s dedicated for:

  • On-board programming for Automatic Test Equipment
  • On-board programming for standalone stations
  • Handheld instrument for in-field programming

Software Features:

  • Project Generator GUI with built-in utilities: Image File Creation, File Manager, ISP Signal Connections, Memory Analysis
  • SDK/ API—for custom application (Visual C, Visual Basic, C#, LabView, etc.)
  • ASCII-based command line protocol
  • Variable data handling for serial numbering, MAC addresses, production codes, etc.
  • Protection Mode and Data Encryption

Hardware Features:

  • Supports microcontrollers, serial memories and other programmable devices
  • High-speed
  • Compact size (fixture friendly)
  • Standalone operations or host controlled
  • Designed for easy ATE interfacing
  • Supports multiple interfaces (JTAG, SWD, UART, SPI/QSPI, BDM, SWIM, I2C, DAP, cJTAG, C2, ICSP, PDI, UPDI, FINE, MUST/MICE, MON08, ISSP, ICC, MDI, OUT, PSI5, SBW, custom, etc)
  • Memorizes data on a built-in memory card
  • Programmable power supply output
  • Programmable I/O voltage
  • USB, LAN, RS-232 and low-level interface
  • START Push button
  • USB powered or AC/DC adapter

Following models are available:

  • UISP1-UNIVERSAL – μISP1 Programmer for all supported devices
  • UISP1-ARM – μISP1 Programmer for ARM CPUs (STM32, LPC, Kinetis, ATSAM, PSoC4, TLE98x, S32K, XMC, AducM, CC26X, nRF51, etc)
  • UISP1-MEMORY – μISP1 Programmer for SPI, I2C and uWire Serial memory
  • UISP1-MICROCHIP – μISP1 Programmer for Microchip/Atmel devices
  • UISP1-NXP – μISP1 Programmer for NPX devices
  • UISP1-STM – μISP1 Programmer for STMicroelectronics devices
  • UISP1-INFINEON – μISP1 Programmer for Infineon/Cypress devices
  • UISP1-TI – μISP1 Programmer for Texas Instruments devices
  • UISP1-RENESAS – μISP1 Programmer for Renesas devices
  • UISP1-SILICONLABS – μISP1 Programmer for SiliconLabs devices