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for In-System programming



2800ISP is high-performance, in-system programming solution. As part of the 8th Generation product line, it programs all device types including eMMC, SD, PATA, PCM, NAND, NOR, MCUs and more at ultra-high speeds on-board after reflow.

2800ISP, thanks to BPM’s Vector Engine Co-Processor® BitBlast technology, is able to achieve an amazing peak operating rate of 24Gbits per second and read/write speeds near to the theoretical limits of the silicon design. Also unique in ISP technic is parallel supply of addresses and data within concurrent programming of 16 components. All of these give a big advantage against competitive ISP solutions.

2800ISP has to be customized by BPM’s technical experts who work with PCB design specifications to provide a custom turn-key solution. With the semi-automated 2800ISP, customer will get software and hardware to be able to program on-board right out of the box. This programming station also has a removable pogocassette which can be exchanged for different tasks or reconfigured for any future programming jobs.