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SMH Technologies is consistently developing its FlashRunner technology for industrial ISP chip programming. The newest FlashRunner High-Speed product dedicated to the high-capacity memories incl. eMMC, NAND, ... is built on the basis of an 8-channel high-speed control unit, controling active multi-channel modules. These small headers are placed in the near proximity of the programmable devices without beeing affected by long distance connections and guaranteeing optimal signal integrity. They are available in several variants with 1, 2 and 4 channels. They can be general-purpose, addressed for a given type of memory (NAND, eMMC) or constitute a relay barrier. It is a pity that the shapely mechanical structure and Italian design will not be exposed in most cases of industrial applications. Integrated inside the ATE testers, it will disappear in their industrial housings. Fortunately, their high functionality will be always visible.


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SMH Technologies develops and manufactures a wide range of professional equipment dedicated to the electronic boards production and in-circuit testing.

Main products are ISP (In-System Programming) programmers that allow writing Flash memories devices already mounted on PCB:

The offer is supplemented by a wide range of programming algorithms and system software as well as several useful accessories that improve programmers’ facilities.

SMH Technology also offers two special solutions for minimalist ISP applications requiring only one channel – B-SMART and for maximalist ISP applications requiring as many channels as possible – D-MAX.

SMH’s original FlashRunner technology is targeted to on-board in-system programming (ISP) and has been designed to achieve high-speed programming, while maintaining reliability and flexibility. There are 4 technology variants available:

Technology Programmers Accessories Algorithms

Technology Programmers Accessories Algorithms

Technology Programmers Accessories Algorithms

Technology Programmers Accessories Algorithms

The FlashRunner performances allow to reach the theoretical programming speed for any given device, thus shortening as much as possible the programming phase of the production process. In addition it allows programming of several devices in parallel, drastically reducing programming times, costs, and system complexity. So FlashRunner helps customers to enhance quality, save time and optimize manufacturing cycles. FlashRunner programmers are designed to be easily integrated into Automated Test Equipment (ATE), into final test procedures in production process.

Thanks to its LAN connectivity, the FlashRunner technology allows production data to be securely sent over the internet from a local R& laboratory directly to FlashRunner instrument placed anywhere in the world. Likewise, FlashRunner instruments can be remotely controlled from any place.

Apart from presented on our web equipment, specialized solutions and services are available. When you are looking for any ISP or off-line programming equipment or solution do not hesitate to contact us. We suppose that we will be able to suggest the right solution.


SMH Technologiesis a global, independent, high-tech Italian company, leader in silicon device in-system programming and related services for the electronic boards manufacturing industry.

Intellectual Property portfolio, combined with strategic alliances with silicon devices and ATE manufacturers, places SMH at the forefront of the device programming industry. But offering only the best programming technology is not enough. SMH is convinced that follow-up with a highly specialized technical support and a series of customer’s tailored services is essential to smoothly integrate any programming system into OEM/EMS/ODM board manufacturing lines. So, SMH is focused on the highest level of customer support.