FlashRunner 2.0 Technology

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FlashRunner 2.0 is the most innovative In-System multi-site parallel programmer for 8-, 16- and 32-bit based microcontrollers and serial memories. It implements the most innovative cutting-edge technology that features 16 independent parallel programming channels. This product, thanks to its flexibility, is specifically designed to program multi-PCB panels assemblies and highly structured boards with several devices mounted on. The user friendly new FR2.0 Workbench GUI allows to configure the system in few clicks, ensuring rapid time-to-production. An open API interface allows easy integration within ATE on production lines.

FlashRunner 2.0 has modular structure. A wide range of multiplexers, relay barriers, cable interfaces can be connected to the basic unit customizing solution to the particular requirements.


FlashRunner 2.0 supports devices manufactured by a wide range of semiconductor suppliers. The programming algorithms are not included in a price and are charged separately.

FlashRunner 2.0 hardware features are:

  • Over 6.000 devices supported, with weekly updates
  • Supports most ISP protocols (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, UART, …)
  • 16 parallel and independent programming channels.
  • Compact design for easy ATE integration
  • Programming voltage / current measure and trimming for each channel
  • Up to 30 MHz communication frequency
  • Data transfer 10MB/s
  • Ethernet LAN / USB host interface, optoisolated.
  • Stand-alone and remotely controlled by PC modes
  • Relay barrier control interface
  • Memory buffer 1 GB
  • Clock/calendar

FlashRunner 2.0 software features are:

  • Open API interface which enables customers to achieve a full integration inside their software and across different frameworks, as LabView© and Visual C/C++.
  • A new, user friendly and interactive GUI (Graphic User Interface) which cut off overall configuration efforts, guiding customers creating a working project in few mouse clicks and detecting mismatches between target device and customer firmware, as well as power supply setup.
  • Remote control from PC level in terminal mode with ASCII protocol
  • DLL library for easy integration at application level
  • Up 32 stored projects selected by input lines in stand-alone mode, not limited in PC controlled mode
  • Cryptography data protection
  • Log registration and reports with date and time marking
  • All operation available – erase, blank check, programming, read, verify, serial numbering …