Peripheral Instrumentation
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The functionality of the APS is determined by the peripherals that can be used in it. They define what media, i.e. what carriers of the programmed devices, can be handled at the input and output of the machine. At the entrance, these are usually trays, tubes and embossed tapes. At the exit, from the point of view of the further assembly process, it only makes sense to use trays and tapes. It is big advantage, if the options of automatic picking/saving from/on the stack of these consecutive carriers with programming devices, are available. Also, other operations can be performed in programming process. The most common are marking of programmed devices and optical inspection. BPM Microsystems offers a full spectrum of peripherals that can full fill all customers’ requirements.

3D Inspection


3D Inspection allows us to ensure the highest quality standards required, for example, in the automotive, military, aviation and medical industries. It supports verification of a variety of devices packages including BGA, CSP, QFP, TSOP, SOIC and J-Lead devices in three dimensions.  Examples of measurements include Coplanarity of all leads, Pitch, Bent leads, XY Error, Width, Diameter, Standoff and Tip Offset. Thus, they allow to detect and eliminate any damage to the pins that may appear during the programming of the circuits. This avoids problems at a later stage of assembling the circuits on the PCBs.

3D Inspection adapted to the customer's needs additionally enables statistical analysis and control of serial numbers and versions of the programmed systems. Thus, 3D inspection increases the efficiency, yield and quality in the production process. It can be used in 3928 and BPM310 machines.

Laser Marker


The 3000 Series Laser Marker enables the marking of programmed elements with any text. The text is high-contrast, easy to read. Typically, logos, serial numbers, software version, date of programming operations, or other information may be applied to the device package.

The 3000 Series Laser Marker:

  • is a dust-free/waste-free system that doesn’t require consumables,
  • is an economical alternative to labeling systems that require pausing production to add a new roll of labels,
  • enables marking with graphics or alphanumeric text with fonts as small as 0.3mm,
  • enables marking with QR codes or barcodes,
  • provides intellectual property protection through advanced system of serial numbering,

Dual Tray Shuttle


F31SHUTTLE-T is a double drawer tray feeder that allows on two stations to alternately exchange trays with programmed devices to trays with clean ones. The operator can manually feed consecutive trays with devices to be programmed without interrupting the programming process. So, exchanging trays does not slow down the programming process.

Automated Tray Stacking System


TS-1500 Automated Tray Stacking System automatically loads and unloads JEDEC trays for BPM 3000 and 4000 Series Automated Programming Systems. Equipped with the capability of transferring up to 24 thin or 15 thick standard JEDEC trays of IC devices before reloading, the TS-1500 can significantly reduce operator intervention and provide a continuous programming operation. Mistakes of passing blank part trays are avoided by the unit’s separate input and output tray stacks. The TS-1500 Automated Tray Stacking System reduces your labor costs for programming IC devices.

V-Tek TM-50 MK2
Tape Output Media


TM-50 MK2 is an automatic packing machine of programmed devices to standard embossed tapes. As output tooling, it ensures optimal preparation of programmed devices for further assembly, and thus directly and positively affects the efficiency of the entire production line. The high quality and reliability of the equipment ensure the correct course of the packaging process.

TM-50 MK2

  • accommodates 8 mm to 56 mm tapes
  • is compatible with both heat and pressure-sensitive cover tapes
  • stores parameters of up to 66 jobs
  • reduces operator attendance
  • increases efficiency of programming system and pick & place assembly machines.

Tape Feeder System


X-STREAM Series Tape Feeder System is the reliable, precise automated tape input peripheral. It’s compatible with all BPM 3000 and 4000 series of APS. Tightly-coupled with BPWin™ process control software, the X-Stream Series intelligently advances the feeder on command, ensuring the feeder presents the next device as needed. The X-Stream Series offers a broad range of feeder sizes, from 8mm to 56mm. It provides easy setup and fast changeover. So it maximize productivity.

Single Lane Tape Feeder/Loader


Single Lane Tape Feeder/Loader realize a small parts fed from tubes to the automated programming systems. The Single Lane Tube Feeder/Loader addresses the consistent feeding and reloading of small package parts. It’s available for 8-pin SOIC, TSSOP, MSOP i 6-pin TSOC packages. The feeder/loader uses specific interchangeable tooling for each package size.

BPM Microsystems supports the Single Lane Tube Feeder/Loader on its 3000 series and 4000 series automated programming systems. Multiple base units of this ultra-compact automated programming system peripheral can be mounted on one machine for expanded handling potential. The Single Lane Tube Feeder/Loader can fit six feeder/loader bases in a 5-inch area (12.7 cm). Each APS input is capable of holding two bases for a total of 12 feeder/loader combinations.