Algorithms & System Software
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Programming algorithms are not included in the price of programmers and for individual systems are offered separately. This is due to the fact that today the market of programmable systems is very dynamic. New, sometimes very rarely used, devices are constantly appearing. Their implementation, even in universal programmers, is often complicated and requires a lot of work. The times are over when a programmer once purchased did not require an upgrade for a long of time. Today, new devices have to be regularly implemented “every day”. Various strategies are used to cover the costs - annual fees, project-related fees, the option to order individual algorithms or the full spectrum of them. In order to meet all customer needs, SMH offers a wide range of possibilities based on simple, logical criteria as follows:

  • The price of the algorithm depends on the number of programmer channels;
  • Offers selectable algorithms for single device, single devices’ families, all devices of the selected manufacturer and finally all implemented devices;
  • Differentiates the price of commonly used devices, where the development cost is spread over many users, and unique devices, where the purchase cost must be higher for a smaller number of users
  • For customers who often change the range of devices used, and who don’t know in advance their plans what they will program, credits are offered to be used within the year for 5, 10 or 15 algorithms
  • Offers one-time updates or annual maintenance contracts to provide updates during this period
  • Ensures the development of a unique custom algorithm

Thus, everyone can optimize their purchases according to the profile of their production. He doesn't have to pay for the algorithms he won't be using. Details are explained on the pages addressed to each programmer technology.