Engineering Device Programmers

Engineering Device Programmers are dedicated for programming single components in laboratories and in small range production. In case of in-socket solutions they are usually manual single-site programmers and in case of in-system solutions they are single-channel programmers. Both types are usually controlled from host computer typically via USB or LAN interface. Very often in-socket programmers have external ISP connector and an option to be used as in-system solution.

WG Electronics as an authorized distributor of worldwide known brands - manufacturers of device programmers, invites you to visit web pages dedicated to the offer of our partners in area of engineering programmers.

•  Manual single-site in-socket programmers

•  ISP Programmers

WG Electronics has also in portfolio manual and automated multi-site production programmers for medium and mass production.

WG Electronics is supporting customers on base of over 25 years of our own experience in developing, production and distribution of device programmers and on base of experience of our partners – lead manufacturers of programing equipment.