Production Device Programmers

Production Device Programmers are dedicated for medium and mass production purpose and allow to program several or even several dozen devices in parallel. Usually they are multi-site or multi-channel, manual or automated programmers supported the latest high capacity Flash memories and wide range of modern microcontrollers. In our portfolio we have equipment controlled from the host PC as well as stand-alone. We have both solutions – programming devices out of target system in ZIF sockets and programing devices in-system already mounted on the target PCB. There are manual programmers and high efficiency automated programmers.

The highest programming speed stands out our products against the competition. Operation speed is today critical for huge capacity memories.

From production process point of view, it’s very comfortable to have opportunity to initiate programming with the bottom on programmer housing without necessity to use each time host PC or to start it automatically after device insertion to the socket. Stand-alone equipment is an extension of this idea. It can operate independently storing at least settings and programming data as jobs or coping pattern device. The most advanced solutions have integrated graphical user interface implemented for example on the touch screen and build-in Flash memory or SD card as mass memory.

Alternative for multi-site programmer can be the connection of several single-site programmers to one PC using USB hub. If control software can work in multiprogramming mode, it means can supervise several programmers concurrently, we can configure multi-site programming system from single-site units. It can be always reconfigured depends on current customer requirements. ELNEC solutions bring in such flexibility.

WG Electronics as an authorized distributor of worldwide known brands - manufacturers of device programmers, invites you to visit web pages dedicated to the offer of our partners in area of production programmers.

•  Manual multi-site in-socket programmers

•  Automated programmers

•  ISP programmers

•  SD cards and USB sticks copiers

WG Electronics has in portfolio also manual, single-site engineering programmers that can be used in small scale production.

WG Electronics is supporting customers on base of over 25 years of our own experience in developing, production and distribution of device programmers and on base of experience of our partners – lead manufacturers of programing equipment. Especially we perform time analyzes of planned production programming process and we suggest method and equipment.