Automated Device Programmers

Automated Device Programmers are dedicated for industrial large scale or mass production. For the smaller scales manual programmers should be enough.

In automated programmers, devices are placed for programming in ZIF sockets and removed after operation by automated handler or robot. Typically components are taken from tubes, trays or tapes. Less or more advanced automated feeders are usually applied. After programming devices can be marked with label or laser and pack to trays or tapes.

In ISP solutions qualification as manual or automated is not so clear. We can treat ISP equipment as an automatic system when programmer is integrated within functional or structural ATE testers independently of the way how target boards are delivered to the testers.

WG Electronics as an authorized distributor of worldwide known brands - manufacturers of device programmers, invites you to visit web pages dedicated to the offer of our partners in area of automated programmers.

The highest programming speed stands out our products against the competition. Operation speed is today critical for huge capacity memories.

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WG Electronics is supporting customers on base of over 25 years of our own experience in developing, production and distribution of device programmers and on base of experience of our partners – lead manufacturers of programing equipment. Especially we perform time analyzes of planned production programming process and we suggest method and equipment.